Ashland & Medina County Bed Bug Extermination

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Bed bugs are a growing problem, with many homeowners battling these parasitic pests each year. These insects often enter homes, with beds serving as one of the primary sites of bed bug infestation. Nocturnal in nature, bed bugs attack humans during their sleep, feeding on their blood. This results in bites that can cause an array of health problems, including rashes and allergen triggers. Kline Pest Control specializes in bed bug control in Medina County, as well as Ashland, Crawford, Knox, Marion, Richland, Summit, and Wayne counties.

Identifying and eradicating bed bugs

One of the greatest challenges faced with bed bugs is identifying the issue in the home. In most cases, this requires both detecting the presence of the bug itself, along with symptoms in the residents of the home. The small size of the insect makes it easy for bed bugs to begin feeding on humans without being noticed, which further compounds the issue.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to exterminate. The use of pesticides over the past several decades has resulted in beg bugs that can resist treatment from many common treatments. Furthermore, although nonpesticide approaches, such as vacuuming the home and heat-trapping bugs can have an impact on the insect population, it remains imperative for infestations to be treated with chemicals in order to fully eradicate the bugs from a residence.

Serving Medina, Ashland, Crawford, and Richland counties

It is essential for bed bugs to be treated as soon as they have been identified. When beg bugs are not treated quickly, the population begins to grow, making it difficult to contain the problem. Contacting a professional exterminator from Kline Pest Control is the best way to ensure that the bed bugs are removed from the residence permanently. Our talented team will be happy to identify the sources of infestation, in turn utilizing cutting edge techniques to remove the bed bugs and protect the residence from further infestations. It may also be necessary to dispose of items that have become infested by the insects.