Bee Control in Medina & Surrounding Areas

Common Honey Bee From North AmericaYou may have noticed a constant buzzing around your home or yard. This could mean that there is a bee hive on your property, but you must not approach it on your own. Bee hive removal is the job of the professionals because bees can be extremely dangerous. We provide our bee control services to Medina & Richland counties, as well as towns and cities in the surrounding counties like Ashland and Crawford. 

Allergies & Dangers

Those who are allergic may experience severe symptoms from one bee sting, but even people who are not allergic will have a serious reaction if they receive several bee stings at one time. This is a possibility if you disturb a bee hive without the necessary protective gear that the professionals wear.

Bees are relatively peaceful creatures, and they are not in the habit of attacking humans, but they will break this protocol under two conditions. If they think that you are going to harm their young or they believe that you are going to destroy the hive, they will get together and launch an attack. Since these two conditions are exactly what you have in mind, you will be inviting the bees to come after you. The other problem is that you don’t have the most effective extermination methods, but a professional bee removal service does.

Controlling Bees in Medina & Richland Counties

Once you hire the professionals, they will eliminate the bees, remove the hive and repair the damage that the hive and honey leave behind. They will seal these areas so that future bees cannot find a suitable place to build new hives. They even have bee traps that they will position around your home or yard that can be used in lieu of pesticides.

If you think that you have a bee problem, don’t risk it by confronting them yourself. Contact Kline Pest Control today.