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3 Reasons to Treat Your Home Fast for Termites

Termites are like massive storms; they cause a lot of damage and cost residents and business owners thousands of dollars per year making the necessary repairs. Termite infestations are nothing to take lightly. They can infest a wood structure from above or below the ground, weakening it as the weeks and the months go by. If you don't take quick action, termites will devour your home, furniture and other wooden items from the inside out.

Why You Should Treat Termites Right Away

They spread quickly.

Termites 680Termite colonies grow as they establish within a wooden timber. During their mating cycles, winged termites will fly out from the colony and find mates around your home. Once they've mated, the winged termites land and shed their wings, starting new colonies within your home's structure or in wooden objects on your property.

They cause extensive damage.

It's possible to have a termite infestation somewhere within your home without your knowledge. Some residents mistake termites for ants and treat them as an everyday nuisance, ignoring the threat in front of them. As termites breed and produce more members, their colonies grow and speed up the rate of damage in your home. Within a year, the infestation can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

They bring down your home's resale value.

It's extremely difficult to sell a home when it has a termite infestation. Not only do these pests cause visible damage, but they also cause underlying damage, which is even worse and lowers the home's overall value. Professional pest control technicians will have to treat the infestation immediately to prevent further damage to the wooden frame. If termites have also infested the decks or other wooden property, it'll take a few treatments to remove the infestation before you can make the sale without delays or hesitation.

Professional Termite Control for Your Home

A termite infestation starts slowly but builds momentum as the population increases. The damage is superficial in the beginning, showing up as holes or tunnels in the wood. Over time, the colony expands and eats the surrounding structure. Kline Pest Control will treat your home for termites, eliminating infestations at any level. We'll also provide routine treatments to keep future termites from using your home and property as a food source.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019