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Best Ways to Prevent Pests in the Fall

As fall approaches, the weather gradually changes from warm spring breezes to colder winds and temperatures. Contrary to depictions in animated films, insects and rodents do not wear coats, warm winter hats and thick socks. Plus, pests do not have fleecy blankets. Since cockroaches, spiders, mice and rats are living creatures, they want to live in warm and comfortable environments offering food and hiding places.

Homeowners who want to prevent pests from invading their homes in the fall can follow the following five tips before the fall season establishes its presence. Prevention makes a home less attractive to pests. You can destroy their intentions to take up lengthy residencies during the winter.

1. Seal holes and cracks.

Look for all holes and cracks existing anywhere on your property. Check walls, siding materials and pipes. Seal all openings with caulk. Remember that mice and cockroaches do not require large openings to enter your home. So, do not overlook the tiniest hole. Otherwise, you may have unexpected company in the near future.

2. Install screens, screen doors and door sweeps.

Screens with tears or extremely large holes are open invitations to pests. Use your imagination. Think with the mind of an insect or rodent. Look for any areas where you can install a screen. If your dog uses an animal door to leave and enter the home at will, replace the door with a pet door featuring a built-in screen.

3. Do not allow moisture to collect in your basement.

If your basement has a constant moisture problem, install a couple of quality sump pumps in strategic areas. If the sump pumps fail to do their jobs, hire a professional to eliminate the humidity and moisture.

4. Remove every visible crumb.

Pests constantly try to find food. They often succeed because you do not clean up all the tiny crumbs. Remember that ants, cockroaches, mice and rats value crumbs. To a pest, a few crumbs constitute a gourmet meal. Crumbs are irresistible temptations to a furry creature or an insect. Wipe the kitchen counter after preparing meals. Do not leave a dirty bowl on the kitchen or dining room table lest you see a mouse licking up the remnants while comfortably sitting inside the bowl. Dry off liquids from countertops. Throw out the trash every single day. Sweep your floors.

5. Remove all dishes, cups and silverware from the patio.

Leaving dirty dishes and utensils on your patio table is a sure way to entice creatures into your home. An overlooked hole or crack is the only requirement to make your life miserable. If you are serious about solving pest issues in your home, contact Kline Pest Control for the perfect solution.

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