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How to Keep Insects From Crashing Your Pool Party

With spring winding down and summer heating up, it's a good idea to throw a pool party in your backyard. You can invite your neighbors, friends, and family to beat the heat during Memorial Day weekend or any time during the summer. As the food cooks on the grill, it'll entice more than your invited guests; it'll also attract unwanted insects into your yard. Kline Pest Control can save your pool party before annoying insects destroy your fun.

Which Pests to Look Out for This Summer

Summer in Ohio lures a variety of yearly pests into residential yards across the state. Everything from mosquitoes to ants rear their heads and look for food this time of year. Stinging insects like yellow jackets and wasps start to build their nests around entryways and places where people sit and unwind outdoors.

Fleas and ticks can also invade backyards and ruin pool parties for you and your guests. If you have thick vegetation around your home, these pests will use it as a safe haven from predators. Dogs and cats from the neighborhood may enter your yard and deposit fleas in the grass. Fleas multiply by the thousands and will attack your guests as they walk around the pool area.

How to Keep Out Summertime Pests

One way to keep out annoying insects is to mow your grass regularly. Tall grass provides the ideal cover for fleas and other small pests. Overgrown weeds and shrubs make the perfect resting sites for mosquitoes, so be proactive with your lawn chores. An unkempt yard attracts unwanted pests, which will eventually find their way into your home. Taking away their breeding and resting spots will curb their numbers and prevent full-blown infestations later.

Remove any standing water in the yard as mosquitoes use these spots to lay their eggs. Placing citronella candles around your pool area may help to ward off these blood-sucking insects as you swim or lay out in the sun. You should also keep your pool equipment stored away in a separate shed. Otherwise, insects will build their nests beneath the clutter and increase in population. Make sure to clean up any leftover food since it will attract ants, flies and other pests.

Professional Pest Control for the Summer

Contact Kline Pest Control to keep bugs and other invasive insects from ruining your pool party this summer. Our experienced technicians can inspect your yard for signs of infestations and eliminate the insects where they gather. We can also create a customized pest control plan for the summer to help keep out mosquitoes, ants, and other pests.

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