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Make Sure Your 4th of July is Pest-Free

When you invite your friends and family members for a Fourth of July festivity, you don't want the neighborhood pests to show up as well. Before you can rescue your yard from annoying pests, you'll need to learn more about common summer pests in your area. Once you know which pests you're dealing with, you can try a few measures on your own or call a qualified pest control specialist.

The Common Summer Pests in Ohio

In the summertime, many types of pests are lured out of their winter hiding zones by the promise of warm air, food sources, and water. Mosquitos, for example, begin their breeding season in the spring, lasting through summer into early autumn. Rats also emerge as the weather heats up and will produce offspring on your property if they can find a safe place to live. Other common summer pests include ants, spiders, bed bugs, centipedes, and wasps.

Preventing Pest Infestations

The first step in avoiding a pest infestation is to deny access to water sources. Your property may have a number of water sources that you aren't aware of, such as an overturned bucket. Make a habit of regularly walking around your yard to find places where rainfall and water from your sprinklers tend to linger. If you notice that your lawn is damp for hours after watering it, reduce the amount of time you leave your sprinklers on.

Once you've eliminated potential watering holes, look for places where pests may choose to hide. Piles of debris, such as wood cuttings and broken yard equipment, provide plenty of places for pests to seek shelter. Overgrown shrubs and grass can also conceal pests. Working on trimming your yard will eliminate these hiding spots and prepare your yard to look beautiful for your Fourth of July gathering.

Finally, removing sources of food will also help you avoid pest infestations. Be vigilant about throwing food waste away; don't let it linger in your yard. Make sure that your outdoor garbage can lid is functioning and that there aren't any hole in the can. During your Fourth of July barbecue, take precautions to protect your food. For example, avoid leaving food unattended and uncovered on your picnic table. When the party is over, clean up immediately to keep pests from settling in for a meal.

If your efforts to thwart pests in your yard aren't giving you results, it's time to call up a team of professionals. Kline Pest Control serves a number of counties in Ohio and offers an extensive list of pest control services. Contact us today to ensure that your yard is ready for your Fourth of July party.

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