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Ways Fleas Can Make Their Way Into Your Home

Most Ohioans don't realize that fleas can infiltrate their homes in at least seven different ways. An infestation may still occur if you don't own any pets or livestock. Remember to beware of these common flea sources:

  1. A new or visiting pet could transport parasites into your home. Fleas often infest dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits. Pet rats and birds occasionally carry these insects. Be sure to carefully inspect any creature before allowing it to enter your house.
  2. If a wild animal finds its way into a building, it may bring pests with it. For example, a squirrel might construct a flea-infested nest in your attic. These tiny parasites frequently target skunks, rodents, raccoons, foxes and opossums.
  3. Fleas may invade your house if you purchase infested furniture or rugs. These items could contain hidden eggs and larvae, so you might not notice the problem for a few weeks. When you buy used furnishings, thoroughly clean them and immediately discard any vacuum bags.
  4. These thirsty insects can infest certain farm animals, such as chickens and goats. They could easily spread to human living quarters if this happens. Remember to inspect livestock regularly and tackle infestations as quickly as possible.
  5. Some parts of the Buckeye State offer appealing outdoor habitats for fleas. They favor moist locations with little wind or sunlight. Outdoor fleas may bite pets and humans who walk through these areas. They might cling to clothing or hair, and the bugs could take up residence in your house after you return from a hike.
  6. Parasites can move from one building to another when people travel. They hitch rides on clothing, bags and other belongings. If an infestation develops, it's best to change your clothes before leaving home and avoid carrying items with you.
  7. Fleas in a condominium or apartment complex may crawl from one unit to another. Pests can accomplish this if they infest hallways or find small gaps in the building materials that separate the units. Furthermore, a previous tenant's pets may have left flea eggs behind.

A skillful exterminator can swiftly rid your home of parasites. If you live in north-central Ohio, consider using Kline Pest Control. We've been vanquishing harmful bugs for more than two decades. Our staff has the supplies and training needed to tackle today's stubborn fleas. Please contact Kline Pest Control for an accurate quote with no obligation.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019