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When is Flea Season in Our Area?

If you live in Ohio or Pennsylvania, you already know that fleas are a common problem for pet owners in the area. Some people battle these insects every year without much luck, and they are desperate for a way to protect themselves and their furry friends from the parasites. If you would like to overcome the problem and reclaim your yard and home, learning when fleas are the most active and how to get rid of them will help. You will be armed with the information you need to keep fleas at bay, and your pets will thank you for your effort.

Flea Season

Since fleas can't survive in cold weather without a warm host, they are active from spring to fall. Your pets will likely get fleas if they go outside during these months unless you do something about it. If you have an outside dog, adult fleas can survive the months of winter by remaining on the host, so you will always want to check animals for fleas before you bring them inside. Even when the temperature drops below freezing, you will still want to be aware of the problem so that you can spot the red flags in the early stages.

Finding and Treating Fleas

Pets will scratch and bite their fur when they have fleas, and you don't want to ignore the signs. You can spread your pet's fur if you want to check for the pests, and they will appear as tiny dots. If fleas have invaded your pet's fur and you want to respond to the threat, you can buy flea shampoo, but you must also treat your home if you don't want the cycle to repeat. Once you have gotten the situation under control, use flea collars to protect your pet and to keep fleas out of your home.

Kline Pest Control

Although you can take many steps to keep your home and pets free from fleas and the complications that come with them, nothing compares to the training and dedication of a pest control professional. You can trust Kline Pest Control when you refuse to settle for anything less than the best, and our team will show you that you are in good hands. No matter the time of year, we can treat your home and yard for fleas, and your problem will become a thing of the past. You can reach out to us anytime you want, and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019