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Winter Pest Prevention Tips

Overwintering pests can drive you crazy, especially when you're finally free from summer pests like mosquitoes and ticks. Many different bugs and rodents will invade homes during the winter to escape from the cold and to have food for the long season. If you perform some basic preventative maintenance, you can avoid winter pests and enjoy the cozy indoors all to yourself.

3 Tips for Winter Pest Control

Winterize your home's exterior.

If you want to keep the pests out, you have to plug up their entryways. Insects and rodents will search nonstop for a way inside. They look for cracks, gaps and any other small opening wherever they can find them. Once they've reached the inside, they quickly find a place in which they can hunker down for the winter. Block every crack and crevice with a sealant to keep out winter pests.

Cover all the trash bins.

Some pests, such as fruit flies, will remain active throughout the year if they have the right conditions. Garbage lures pests from all around, giving them something to eat and a place in which to hide out for a while. They breed in the trash, increasing their numbers and consuming it as they mature. Cover your indoor and outdoor trash bins at all times to prevent a nasty infestation.

Keep your food in sealed containers.

Some overwintering pests will use your pantry and cupboards as a hiding place. They may chew through or crawl inside boxes and bags, contaminating your food throughout the winter. It's best to transfer certain food items to plastic containers, such as cereals, rice and flour. You can store them and keep them fresher for much longer, as well as protect them from invading pantry pests.

Professional Pest Control for Winter Pests

Wintertime may drive some pests away, but it leads others to your home. If you have openings around the exterior or uncovered trash, you may soon have an unwelcome infestation on your hands. Start by sealing the cracks around your home's exterior and investing in preventative pest control. Kline's experienced technicians can pretreat your home for overwintering pests and provide routine maintenance to keep them out all winter long.

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