Carpenter Ant Control in Ashland & Surrounding Areas

Ant 6-532Ants are one of the most commonly found household pests, and are notoriously difficult to extinguish. Even more difficult to get rid of are carpenter ants; often mistaken for termites, these pests have wings, making them even more of a pain to extinguish. Kline Pest Control offers ant and carpenter ant extermination throughout Medina County, as well as Ashland, Crawford, Knox, Marion, Richland, Summit and Wayne counties.

Ants nesting outside of your home

Ideally, the ants invading your house will be nesting outside of your home, making them much easier to deal with. The best way to get rid of ants is to simply locate the source of them and get rid of it. Watch where the ants are coming from, and follow the trail back to the nest. Once you have found the nest, you can utilize typical over the counter ant pest control products found at Home Depot or Lowes. However, if the ant problem is sevre, the help of a professional ant control expert is necessary.

Ants nesting inside of your home

If you suspect that a colony of ants or carpenter ants are residing somewhere within your home, than unfortunately you are likely to have a much more difficult time exterminating them. Often times, carpenter ants will destroy the structural integrity of porches, wooden cabinets, etc, forcing you to replace the damaged parts of your house.

Some of these steps may be temporary solutions. However, if you suspect that you have carpenter ants in your home, you will need to contact a professional for an inspection and ultimately for carpetener ant treatment. Kline Pest Control specializes in carpenter ant control services, and will assist you in the inspection and treatment process to ensure that your home becomes carpetner ant free. Contact us today.