Flea Control in Medina County & Crawford County

FleaIn northern Ohio, one of the most common household pests is the flea. There are many things that can cause a home to become infested with fleas. Owning pets such as dogs and cats is an obvious cause, since the fleas can move from the animal to the surrounding area once the pet is inside the home. Fleas can also occur if the homeowner doesn’t have pets, because there may be wild animals in the area that are infested, and if they take up residence near a house or apartment complex, the insects can spread. Fleas can also come into the home on articles of clothing that have been exposed. Kline Pest Control offers flea control in Medina County, as well as Ashland, Crawford, Knox, Marion, Richland, Summit and Wayne counties. Our trained professionals can rid your home or business of a flea infestation.

Serving Medina, Crawford, Ashland and Richland counties

Once fleas are inside the home, they can infest pieces of furniture such as couches, chairs, and beds. In addition to feeding on pets, fleas can also feed on humans, so annoying itchy bites are commonly experienced by people who have fleas in their home. In rare cases, fleas can cause some infectious diseases. Fleas can be difficult to get rid of, as well, because the insects adapt very well to their environment and can live in a variety of places. Getting rid of fleas for good calls for thorough treatment and knowledge of the flea life cycle, and this is why it is important to turn to a professional for flea control.

Know when to call a professional flea exterminator

Professional pest control services will treat all affected areas and areas that are potentially affected, both indoors and outdoors. They will recommend the best ways to prevent fleas from coming back and regular practices that homeowners can begin that will help keep both pets and people safe from fleas. Our technicians are familiar with the most common fleas that affect the area, which include the cat flea, and in addition to knowing how to treat fleas year-round, we are well-equipped to handle peak flea infestation season, which occurs from July to October. We know how to keep families and pets free from fleas that can be both annoying and dangerous, and we work with the homeowner to coordinate efforts to make their homes safe from these persistent pests.