Mansfield Pest Control

Three pests that you definitely do not want to find around your home are mosquitoes, bed bugs and termites.

Mosquito Control

Bed Bug 3Mosquitoes are largely a nuisance because after they draw blood, the bite can be a little itchy. However, they can also transmit serious diseases to humans. If you have any standing pools of water in your yard, these are invitations to mosquitoes to move in and start laying their eggs.

Bed Bug Control

The bed bug is another pest that needs to feed on blood, so they are very eager to come home with you from the hotel, the grocery store or anywhere that has an infestation of bed bugs. These pests tend to hide within your beds during the day so that they won’t have to go very far to find a fresh meal at night. If you or your family members wake up with small red spots that weren’t there the night before, the culprits may be bed bugs.

Termite Control

Rather than feed on humans, termites like to eat wood. This means that all of your wood furniture is in jeopardy as well as your entire house. People discover that they have termites when they see piles of wood shavings on the floor. They may also notice that the wood sounds hollow when they knock on it. If termites have been working on their homes for an extensive period of time, the structure of their houses could be seriously weakened.

How to Eliminate Pests

At Kline Pest Control, we eliminate mosquitoes, bed bugs and termites from houses and commercial buildings. We can exterminate the pests that you currently have in one treatment, or we can treat your home and yard throughout the entire year. Contact us today for a free pest control quote.