Marion Pest Control Services

Rat a tat tatAlthough insects and rodents in the Marion area may not be navigating the Marion County GeoTrail to find new homes, many of them are en route to your house or have already made themselves at home with you.

Unfortunately, northern Ohio is a haven for pests such as termites and bed bugs due to how warm and humid it can get in this part of the world, and they tend to multiply in much greater numbers during the year's hotter months. Of course, many of them also scurry inside once the weather starts cooling down in the fall.

Termite Control

These tiny insects burrow their way through homes throughout Marion and the rest of northern Ohio, and they can cause quite a bit of damage. This is because they feed on wood, and termites doing so on your home can compromise its strength and your safety.

Also, note that you are not in the clear by any means if your home is not made from wood as they can make their way through metal, plastic and similar substances and then start feeding on wooden furniture and other things made from wood located inside your home.

Pest control specialists can see if your house has been infested, which is important as they often cause plenty of damage before homeowners even know they are there. Also, the damage that they do cause to wood can appear like it was caused by water instead.

Rodent Control

These pests make up one of the largest groups of mammals, and their most useful purposes are aerating soil and spreading plant seeds.

However, they can also make their way into homes and cause quite a bit of damage there instead. The health of people as well as pets may be threatened when rodents move into your house as they can carry and transmit a number of diseases. Food can also be spoiled by these pests when they leave their fur or bodily fluids on it.

It is important to get control of this situation quickly before they move to a different section of the house or start reproducing in high numbers.

Bed Bug Control

These tiny insects enjoy feeding on human blood and tend to do so at nighttime. Of course, they usually make their homes in or near beds, but they can be found just about anywhere due to their ability to easily tuck themselves away in the most hidden of places, including cracks that are barely bigger than they are.

Although the damage they do is usually limited to causing itchy red welts on your body, the potential for these occurrences should not be minimized. Actually, if you fall victim to these annoying pests, you will likely be rushing – while concurrently scratching and attempting to not scratch yourself – to a pest control specialist to get them eradicated from your home.

Unfortunately, they are not easy to get rid of and leaving some behind can be troublesome due to their ability to breed in high numbers and at a fast rate of speed. Your home and all of its nooks and crannies will need to be thoroughly checked.

If you believe you are suffering from an infestation of any of these pests, make sure to contact Kline Pest Control, and our professionals will take care of it.