Residential Pest Control in Mansfield & Surrounding Areas

For any homeowner, controlling insects and pests in the home can be a major pain. If insects infest your home, they can cause so much damage in just weeks or days. As well, pests and insects are very bothersome to family and guests in your home. It’s only normal that a homeowner would want to know what they can do to cut down the chances of developing big pest problems. Kline pest control offers a wide variety of services for residential pest control in Ashland County. We also service Crawford, Richland, Medina, Knox, Marion, Summit, and Wayne counties throughout Ohio. Our trained professionals custom tailor residential pest control plans to your home's needs.

Serving Crawford, Ashland, Richland and Medina Counties

Remember to always ask questions. Kline Pest Control can answer your pest control problems and help you tackle any pest control issues you have. If you think you have a pest problem, contact us today.

Below are some simple things that all homeowners can do to help cut down on insects infesting their homes:

  • For insects and pests to make a home on your property, they need to have water, shelter and food. If you have things left outside your home like half full soft drink cans or food, your chances of having pests is going to be fairly high. Always keep your property and home free from food items and trash by containing rubbish in plastic bags and keeping your countertops and floors clean. If the pests don’t have what they need to survive, they won’t establish a home there.
  • Make sure food inside your home is out of reach of pests. Keep food sealed in glass containers or plastic bags. If you throw away food, be sure the trash lid is secured tightly. Remove garbage from the house as soon as possible. The longer it is in the home, the more chance you can begin to see pests.
  • Don’t give pests a place to hide. They love dark places, and the perfect spot for a pest to hide is under a stack of clothing or trash on the ground. Not only will they hide, but they will begin to breed and live there. The more clutter you have, the harder it will be to get rid of pests. Newspapers and magazines left stacked up on the ground is a place pests will congregate.
  • Cracks and crevices in the floorboards or baseboards of your home are other places insects and pests will hide. Use some caulk and cover up all the cracks and crevices you see.

Know when to contact a professional

If you notice insects and pests in your home, call us today. As true pest professionals, Kline Pest Control has the experience, tools and equipment to send those insects running right back out of your home. Contact us today.