Medina Rodent Control

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Rodents pose a serious health hazard to the homeowner because they can harbor serious diseases. In addition, rodents also can carry ticks, fleas and lice into the home and produce hundreds of offspring in only a few months. Although there are a number of home remedies that might help get rid of mice and rats, homeowners should use professional pest control services to alleviate the problem.

In cold regions such as northern, Ohio, homeowners are often faced with rodent infestation during the winter months. As the weather turns cold, rodents seek warmth and shelter, and often find their ways into garages and homes. Kline Pest Control offers rodent control in Medina County, as well as Ashland, Crawford, Knox, Marion, Richland, Summit, and Wayne counties. Our trained professional rodent exterminators can identify your rodent problem and develop a customized plan for your home or business.

Serving Medina, Ashland, Richland and Crawford counties

Preventative pest control treatments are often recommended for those living in high risk areas. By professionally treating the home and surrounding landscape on a routine basis, rodents and other pests have little chance of inhabiting the property. Furthermore, more pest control companies offer a guarantee so that if the initial treatment has shown to be ineffective, they will retreat the property at no addition cost.

Homeowners who are concerned with toxic chemicals can breathe a little easier. Chemicals used to exterminate rodents are not nearly as toxic today as they were years ago. In fact, many treatments are very safe to use around children and pets, and some are even safe to use around people who have severe allergies. Although prevention is never fool proof, there are measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of an invasion. One of the most important measures that homeowners can take is to keep their homes clean. Rodents like cluttered, dark places, making cupboards and closets ideal living quarters. Furthermore, repairing damaged pipes under the sink can also help prevent rodents from accessing the home.

Knowing when to contact a professional rodent exterminator

Because mice and rats gravitate to standing water, it also is important to keep areas such as underneath the sink clean and dry. Since it is difficult and anxiety provoking for the homeowner to mitigate rodent infestation on his own, hiring a qualified pest control professional is a must when considering rodent control. Kline Pest Control offers rat and mouse rodent control services. Contact us today.