Medina County Termite Inspections

Termites are small insects that can consume wood in large quantities. As a result, termites can do significant damage to wooden structures. A small colony of termites can consume nearly a foot of wood in less than six months. These insects may pose a substantial threat to your home. Kline Pest Control offers through termite inspections throughout Ashland, Crawford, Knox, Marion, Medina, Richland, Summit and Wayne counties.

Serving Medina, Ashland, Richland and Crawford countiesTermite Damage

Nearly five billion dollars in damages are caused by termites each year. In many cases, you may not know that you have a termite infestation until the damage has already been done. Termite colonies often remain hidden for years and they will eat the structure from the inside out. Over time, a large termite colony can literally destroy your home and cause thousands of dollars in damages.

There are a few signs you can look for that may indicate a termite problem:

  • Piles of sawdust
    Sawdust around your home may indicate a termite infestation. When termites consume wood, they often leave small piles of sawdust in their wake.
  • Termite wings
    When termites are particularly active in an area, they begin to shed their wings. If you find termite wings consistently outside or inside your home, you may have a termite infestation.
  • Mud-like material on your home
    When termites eat portions of your home, they leave holes. In an attempt to patch up these holes, termites will often use dirt or their own feces to plug the hole. If you scrape away this substance and find a hole, immediately contact a pest control company.

Knowing when to call a termite professional

If you think you may have a termite infestation, contact us to schedule a termite inspection. We will visually inspect your home for signs of termite infestation. After the inspection has been performed, we will give you a report on our findings. If you do have termite infestation, it is not advisable to treat the problem on your own. A professional pest control company has the expertise and experience to effectively treat the problem. Termite infestations can be very difficult to eliminate and an expert is often necessary.