Pest Control in Crawford, Marion, & Richland County

One thing that most homeowners in northern Ohio might not realize is that your homeowner's insurance may not cover a pest invasion, especially from termites. In order to protect the value of your home, as well as your health, safety, and general comfort, it is important to be vigilant about getting pest problems under control.

In general, a pest is any insect, animal, or invasive plant species that is unwanted and causes damage to other animals, humans, or crops. Pests can damage the structure of your home, destroy your possession, damage you or your pets' health, spread disease, or just cause you and your loved ones a lot of nuisance and annoyance. Kline Pest Control specializes in a wide variety of services, and offers pest control in Crawford County, as well as Richland, Ashland, Knox, Marion, Medina, Summit, and Wayne counties. Our professionals custom tailor pest control service plans to your needs, ensuring your satisfaction and the extermination of pests in your home.

Serving Medina, Ashland, Crawford and Richland counties

There are three major steps involved in pest control.

Identification of the pest

Do you know what kind of insect or animal you are dealing with. A professional pest control service will be able to help you with this step if you are unable to do it yourself.

Investigation of the pest problem

Do you know what entry point the pests are using to enter your home? Or alternately, are the pests already established indoors and living somewhere inside of your home? Another thing to investigate is what the pests are eating. Crumbs in the kitchen? Poorly sealed food items in the pantry? Sometimes if you can get rid of a pest's food source you can impel it to seek shelter elsewhere. A final thing to investigate is whether the pests are breeding inside of your home. Are there eggs that need to be found and eradicated in attention to the live bugs that you kill?

Knowing when to contact a professional exterminator

If you are suffering from a large-scale invasion, then experienced professionals can guide you through the process because they know what pests to look for and also where to look. For the final step of pest control in Crawford County, and the surrounding areas, whether you choose a chemical or non-chemical method, the trained technicians from Kline Pest Control will help you figure out how to eradicate the problem and get your life back to normal.